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Stone Mad

Now near the end of week 2 of my stay in Manorhamilton and every day adds a new dimension or direction – I’m reading STONE MAD by Seamus Murphy ,an Irish Sculptor
( published in 1966 ) which tells of his life and career and the ‘stonies ‘ he’s met along the way,excellent reading for anyone compelled to work with stone.

The stone working area is slowly being populated by other artists ( all women ) including an 84 year old artist called Cynthia Moran, she’s an inspiration, been researching her work on the internet and now have a lot of questions to ask…..


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Breaking into Kilkenny Limestone

After a week of working on Polyphant ( Cornish soapstone ) I’ve been splitting and cutting Kilkenny Limestone today under the tutorship of Jackie McKenna – hard graft , we even managed to break a new drill bit – learning new skills about precision ( which is a challenge for me …………Drawing on stone with leavesFeathers & Plugs

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Going to Ireland

Ready to roll – Ferry booked ,overnight stay in Liverpool booked to take in first day of Liverpool Biennale – large roll of paper arrived today as did my 2 months supply of Suki Tea…..still looking for good stop animation software and camera but still got time to sort that one

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